No to abortion

In 1976 the already precarious balance between the forces of the majority coalition was put to the test again by the split resulting from discussion of the Bill on the interruption of pregnancy.

In a thorough and thoughtful article written for the “Osservatore Romano” La Pira does not go into the political aspects of the issue, but repeats and affirms the arguments of Christian ethics regarding abortion which (…) is, by definition, an act which extinguishes the life of a human person: it is the killing of a man.

Are there not great deficiencies, great “gaps”, in the social and juridical structures that are not as capable as they should be of protecting the unborn? They must be eliminated, with great urgency and determination, with adequate legislative measures; but never by taking the being, the life of the unborn baby. Do not kill: this is the uncrossable frontier of our true, unique, shared human civilization. 

 (…) Abortion is not only the killing of an unborn child (“murder” is what the Church Fathers call it): it has been “introduced” into history’s teleological plan, tarnishing it, into the history of hope, producing immeasurable upheaval in the historical transcendence of God: by bringing on the “collapse” -if such a thing is possible- of the entire human civilization, the mystical body and the whole body of nations.

(…) Abortion is not an act that liberates women, but rather, in a certain sense, a form of inner slavery: no “human intervention” can free her. 

There is no social reform, as vast as it is, or change in economic, political, or welfare structures etc. … that can liberate women from this “true inner alienation” that abortion invariably causes.