There is no alternative to negotiation

To get an overall idea of what La Pira thought in the immediate aftermath of the Paris Agreements on Vietnam, it is advisable to re-read an interview which he gave in 1973 to the periodical “Prospettive”, the organ of the Opera Villaggi per la Gioventù of which Giuseppe Arpioni was the moving spirit. 

“We have to say it very firmly indeed and we have to repeat it over and over: in the atomic age, which is to say this apocalyptic and final age in history, there is only one method for solving all world conflicts, and that is negotiation: there is no alternative to global negotiation!

(…) to these proposals [made through me and not accepted in 1965] (stop bombing; apply Geneva 1954; recognize the FLN; announce withdrawal; start negotiation) compare the 1973 Paris Agreement: do you not find a substantial identity between those proposals of eight years ago and this agreement?

Why not negotiate then? How many losses and how much destruction in these eight years! Losses of human lives and material, moral, economic, cultural, spiritual and political losses…